Personal Data

Name: Zaur Molotnikov
Location: Munich, Germany
Cell phone: +49 (0) 157 513 69 763
Linked In:

Security Training

Offensive Security 6 months of the PWK course, still hacking!
Berkeley SaaS Software Engineering - Advanced Agile Software Development using Ruby on Rails. View the cert on-line!
Rochester Security Risk Management
Hacking The shared first place at internal high-security genulab
Pentesting Ethical Hacker Course v8 done
OWASP Member, hacking web apps
Crypto Applied Crypto Course
Research Code Robustness for Security, see publications

Practical Experience

genua mbH, Munich, Germany June 2016 - Present
Position: Security Professional
Strengths gathered: Networking - ins and outs, High software security in practice
Various Security Related Activities
Secure Services Architecture, Implementation, one pattent application
Penetration tests in high-security
Vuln Management automations
PSIRT planning, response
Software Analysis for OpenBSD Kernel
Also internal consulting, risks analysis, live-hacking, establishing SSDLC - one-stop-shop security guy in high-security area, see
fortiss GmbH, Munich, Germany October 2013 - 2016
Position: Industrial Researcher
Strengths gathered: coding up to safety and security standards, robust code creation, IDE development
Tools and techniques for/with:
FAT/VDA, Munich future automotive PLs
itemis GmbH, Stuttgart
JetBrains, Prague JetBrains MPS
Siemens CT, Munich system architectures
Diehl Aerospace, Frankfurt testing for avionics
Sioux, Eindhoven advanced C++ IDE
Development of innovative software and technical project leading towards higher software robustness.
fortiss GmbH, Munich, Germany November 2011 - 2013
Position: HiWi, Developer
Strengths gathered: code analysis, code generation from models
Advaced IDEs verifications
Smart Micro Grids robustness
Model Analysis model checking
Distributed Computing faster analysis
Part-time student position while studying at TUM, software development for several research groups.
Zaurmann Software, Rostov-on-Don, Russia September 2009 - 2011
Position: Founder, Team Leader
Strengths gathered: software architect skills, team leading, communication
Cross-Platform SDK for CD burning
System Programming drivers and utilities
Online Services fast AV conversion
Workflow Software database design
Project acquisition, implementing core components in C++, team leading (up to 10 employees).
Cyclone Soft, Rostov-on-Don, Russia February 2007 - 2009
Position: C++ Programmer
Strengths gathered: development of complex systems in C++, design patterns
Cross-Platform Dev SDKs, UIs
System Programming drivers and utilities
Product Development full lifecycle
C/C++/C# cross-platform software development and maintenance. For West European companies mostly.


2011 - 2013 MSc Informatics
Average Score: 1.4
TU Munich, Germany
2004 - 2009 Dipl. Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Average Score: 1.0
SFedU, Rostov-on-Don, Russia


2015 DSM'15 workshop paper
Software Security with mbeddr
2014 ASE'14 conference paper
Automated DSL+C Verification

Awards and Achievements

2012 Best Paper and Presentation Awards
at MoDeVVa'12 Workshop, Innsbruck
2011 DAAD Scholarship
For Two-Years Master Studies at TUM
2005 Potanin's Scholarship
Excellent Studying, Leadership Skills

Computer Skills

Offensive Kali Linux and Tools, metasploit.
Network security: nmap, Python, Scapy
please, check this syllabus to know what I can do.
Deffensive Security mechanisms of operating systems
cryptographic security mechanism
secure engineering and design principles.
Please, see these books:
Anderson, Schneier
- to understand what I know, like and learn deeper every day!
Fluent Ruby on Rails, Qt/C++/Boost, object-oriented design patterns, C#, Python, Java, JetBrains MPS, git, Qt, Linux
Good Eclipse, MSVC, Windows, Mac, Android, LaTeX

Communication Skills

German Spoken: fluent, Written: good
English Spoken: fluent, Written: very good

Free Time

Hobbies Piano and Sport